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RESIDUE project 

is aimed at improving the safety of agricultural products grown under the influence of waste materials used for irrigation and fertilization, by developing an innovative technology that significantly reduces risks of transferring organic contaminants into the agricultural products.
RESIDUE uses locally available resources and ensures the easy applicability of the new technique in common agricultural practice.
The optimization of the treatment procedures will allow the application of these methods to similar waste materials available in other locations exposed to water scarcity.  

The new technology will be based on

The improvement of soil functions leading to an in-situ removal and detoxification from organic pollutants introduced by waste materials;

New production procedures for safe soil amendments based on sewage sludge, through biochar addition and composting

A clear discrimination of non-bioavailable organic pollutants introduced into soil that do not constitute a risk for agriculture.  

Residue Italbiotec

The project follows a three-step approach

Experimental research will be conducted to assess the potential hazards of using the effluent of wastewater treatment plants in agriculture to close current knowledge gaps. 

A new composting technique will be developed for sewage sludges, based on biochar produced from locally available waste materials. The fate of selected organic substances, representing typical contaminants in sewage sludges, will be followed to verify the effective contaminant reduction. 

The sustainability of the in-situ substrate detoxification of the irrigated wastewater in amended soils will be assessed. Approaches in different scales, from laboratory to outdoor field experiments, will be conducted under realistic agricultural conditions. 

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Residue Italbiotec

RESIDUE project will contribute to the development of a framework for the safe use of wastewater for irrigation purposes.

This process will enable: a more pragmatic approach to water management under water scarcity; cost reductions in water treatment through residue revalorization and reconsideration of wastewater depuration targets; a more effective and sustainable agriculture.

Risk reduction of chemical residues in soils and crops – impact due to wastewater used for irrigation