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workshop 26 aprile 2022

Risk reduction of chemical residues in soils due to wastewater reuse

Reclaimed wastewater for agricultural purposes represents a solution for tackling the increasing demand for food and climate change challenges. Reutilizing wastewater includes water conservation and an alternative source of organic matter and nutrients for the agro-environment.
Over the years, safety concerns regarding reclaimed wastewater for crop irrigation have been raised, primarily related to the contamination of arable land with organic pollutants, such as pharmaceuticals and other anthropogenic chemicals. Therefore, there is an urgent need of developing techniques to minimise risks associated with irrigation with treated wastewater and fertilisation with sewage sludge, especially in regions prone to water scarcity.
Funded by the PRIMA programme, the RESIDUE project is committed to improving the safety of agricultural products grown under the influence of waste materials used for irrigation and fertilisation by developing an innovative technology that significantly reduces the risks of transferring organic contaminants into the agricultural products.
The workshop will focus on the scientific and technological aspects of risk reduction strategies associated with irrigation with treated wastewater and sewage sludge fertilisation by providing insights on the use of biochar as a valuable soil amendment.

The RESIDUE project: 
reclaimed wastewater use in agriculture

Dr. Dieter Hennecke
Fraunhofer IME Online workshop April 26, 2022

From wastewater treatment plants to our plate - The whole picture of exposure to wastewater- derived pharmaceuticals through food.

Dr. Yehoshua Maor, PhD
Phytor Lab Jerusalem 

Bioavailability of organic chemicals in soils and sediments:
potential regulatory aspects?

José Julio Ortega Calvo
IRNAS-CSIC, April 26th, 2022

Biochar and its use as an amendment in the composting process

Dr. Dmitri Drabkin &
Dipl.-Geogr. René Schatten

WG Geoecology,
Freie Universität Berlin
April 26th, 2022

Metagenomics and Engineering of Bioremediation Processes

Federica Brogioli
MSc Biotechnologist, DND Biotech
Tuesday 26 April 2022

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Risk reduction of chemical residues in soils and crops – impact due to wastewater used for irrigation